Meghan and Kate: What’s the story? Oprah Interview Deception Analysis

Meghan Markle pondering during Oprah interview. UK Credit: CBSNews

The Meghan and Harry Oprah Winfrey interview created a new narrative around the Duchess and her time in the UK, one where she had been driven close to suicide as a result of racism from members of the UK royal family and gaslighting by institutional aspects of the royal family in collusion with the UK tabloid media. To make matters even worse, centuries-old conventions were changed to deny her future children their birthright as future royalty.

Where was Kate when all this was happening? It is an open question whether the sister-in-laws would be expected to bond, but indifference between two women of the same age married to brothers should be considered unusual.

Credit: The Sun newspaper

Perhaps the most ambiguous revelation related to the preparations for Meghan and Harry’s wedding. In November 2018, the UK tabloids were full of the news that Meghan had bullied Kate to tears in the run up to her wedding. This story came out over half a year after the wedding, which could suggest its release was part of a campaign to damage Meghan’s burgeoning popularity following a highly visible Australasian tour. In the Oprah interview, Meghan claimed that “the reverse happened’ and that Kate had made her cry.

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No one from the UK Royal Family has explicitly denied Meghan’s claim, although the Queen is quoted as stating “recollections may vary’. OutliarTM analysis suggests that Meghan’s version of events is truthful, and that she tactfully omits details that could portray Kate in a damaging light.

In the extract below, Meghan maintains that Kate was “upset about something”; it is odd that Kate would be upset leading up to someone else’s wedding. There is a hint of damning with faint praise in Meghan’s insistence that Kate “owned” and “apologised” for her negative outburst. Or it may be that Kate’s apology was actually less than sincere. At any rate, it is the circumstances around the crying that need investigating rather than the facts of who cried.

Later on, Meghan gives a bit more detail about the reasons for the tears – the “flower-girl [bridesmaid’s] dresses” but remains discreet. OutliarTM analysis again indicates that this narrative is truthful but suggests Meghan’s claim that everybody knew her side of the story is potentially deceptive

Overall, Meghan wants to give Kate the benefit of the doubt and would rather blame ‘the institution’ but it appears that the pair were more rivals than friends.

Later, Oprah encourages Meghan to give a positive story of her and Kate’s relationship by referencing their widely covered trip to Wimbledon tennis tournament – but Meghan declines.

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Overall, Meghan seems to be doing Kate a favour by being diplomatic and understanding, although admitting some level of personal culpability might appear more charitable than simply saying “I forgave her”.

One thought on “Meghan and Kate: What’s the story? Oprah Interview Deception Analysis

  1. Talk about getting confused, turned around & a load of word salad – what is it that M has claimed TRULY? Meh! It’s more than possible that they both got upset – we know Catherine was devastated by the behaviour of Ivy & MM, encouraging the other children to bully Charlotte. This is why the dress didn’t fit Charlotte properly – Catherine had to get her children OUT of the toxic nastiness of MM & her BFF Jess M Ivy was encourage to demean Charlotte – we now have TRUTH comping from the team of seamstresses from the fittings of MM’s wedding gown that also didn’t fit well due to the fact MM had changed her mind so many times TBH From what I have read MM is LUCKY to have been dressed at all for the well O T T Wedding that is now “her wedding for the world” “H&M didn’t need a big wedding” *Cough *splutter

    Since the VERY VERY beginning MM has got what she has wanted – she wanted the titles – HMTQ offered her marriage into the BRF but the freedom to continue to Act or work outside of the family & make her own money. Ring any bells? Something like what this truculent pair of undeserving ill mannered people did to Queen & Country Jan 2020. Our of the BRF, getting money from earning – Only MM KNEW she HAD NOTHING TO SELL – Sure PH Could Sell but SHE wouldn’t get anything on her own. So she negates that option from the Queen & says she’s joining the family & the family business – working only 72 days in 2 years – 13 holidays abroad (claiming she had her passport removed) – and so forth – now as a “Duchess” M can sell the titles & what came with them – and oh boy is she putting it all out there!

    Nothing is quite what it seems with MM & now PH has fallen into the trap – he is claiming his father cut him off financially – LIE – Charles has his bank records showing her gave over £2 MILLION for the couple to “FIND THEIR FEET” in the US = that’s on TOP of whatever costs they had run up for their last 3 days a “working royals” in the form of clothing, travel, security, gifts etc. At every event attended MM ensured she would break EVERY RULE possible – she knew she was safe to do so as HMTQ was too kind & welcoming & didn’t want to see Harry or Meghan upset – M chose that bright emerald green mess for Commonwealth Day service – when everyone (yes EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS GETS THIS INCLUDING ROYALS) Those in the choir area (behind HM & spreading out to the sides of Westminster Abbey) if not in uniform to wear the colours of the Commonwealth – Reds, blues & white/creams. If you pause the video & do a 360 View you will see No one sticks out other than RMM. WHY? It’s just another “FU” to the country & family who took her in & gave her a taste of a life so beyond her dreams knowing it’s now gone because of her behaviour MM feels it needs to be disavowed, hated, run down, sullied & pretty much any tale is one that the UK/BRF Are the DEVILS, whilst RMM is just a paragon of virtue.

    Crikey that was a tad longer than I meant to write!


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